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Did you hear about that Risen Motherhood giveaway?

We are celebrating this song by making another one and giving away 3 prize packs!

Here's Your Chance To Win:
Are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!

For even more entries, follow @janetblairmusic on the socials. (Details here)

What exactly are we giving away?

Janet Blair and SongPlease are partnering together to celebrate the release of her project, Over Under! To check it out, click here!

There are six prizes: A Song and 3  prize packs:

1. The Song is an acoustic, handcrafted song about the winner or a person or topic of their choice.  This winner will receive an MP3 of their song, performed on piano and sung by Janet Blair.  The winner will receive a lyric and chord chart. Click here for examples. ($500 value) 

2. Three winners will receive a prize pack  consisting of both of Janet Blair's CDs, a T-shirt, a button and a sticker.($50 value)

How do I enter?

There are multiple ways to enter. Each platform submission will gain an additional entry.


Instagram: Follow @JanetBlairMusic, Like one of the relevant giveaway posts (there will be a few). Tag one of your friends!

Facebook: Like @JanetBlairMusic, like one of the relevant giveaway posts (there will be a few). Share or tag a friend!

Email: Fill out the above form. 

YouTube: Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on one of the videos!

What happens if I win?

If you win, you will be contacted via email, and announced on @janetblairmusic socials.  Winners have seven days to respond and coordinate your prize.

The winner of the song will be contacted and we will arrange a chat about your song! We want to write a good song, so the more collaboration, the better. 

Will this song be released publicly, on Spotify, YouTube, etc?

No.​ This will be your personal song to share with your friends and family.  

Does this include a music video? 

No, unfortunately.  But feel free to add one yourself!

When does the giveaway end?

This giveaway closes on September 30.  Winners will be announced in October 30 with the full release of the album. 


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